PerMåned – Kun til erhvervskunder

Skal jeg have en virksomhed at bestille?

Ja, PerMåned henvender sig til erhvervskunder: Både enkeltmandsvirksomheder, kommanditselskaber, delt ansvar (DA) eller aktieselskaber klarer sig godt.

ENGLISH: Do I need a company to place an order?

Yes, to be able to lease from us you need a Norwegian registered company that is active. We welcome private companies and new companies. At time of order you submit the company registration number (bedriftsregistreringsnummer). We will do a credit check before creating a leasing contract for signing. You use your personal BankID or Mobile BankID to sign the contract digitally. After this is done we will expedite your shipment directly to your shipping address.

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